Talking With Tracey: The Ride to Self Love

The Author of Motorcycles, Moose & Magic: The Ride to Self Love, Tracey shares stories from her own life as we weave our way in and out of better tools for healing, healthy relationships and a peaceful, happy life. Tracey is a person in long-term Recovery who has gone from homeless, mentally unwell, and addicted, to successful happy & healthy. This podcast aims to assist other women who have experienced trauma, on their journey to learning to love themselves.

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7 days ago

In this episode, Tracey talks about the difficulty of watching people we love making self sabotaging choices and some tools we can learn to cope with this in a healthier way. As always, this is coming from a place of self compassion, and self love.

Episode 5: Self-Forgiveness

Friday May 19, 2023

Friday May 19, 2023

In this Episode we talked about some tools to help us with Self Forgiveness, and how important it is to practice this if we really want to learn to love ourselves. Tracey shares about her own journey with learning to forgive herself regarding her years of addiction, as she healed during Recovery.

Episode 4: Love is An Action Word

Wednesday May 03, 2023

Wednesday May 03, 2023

In this episode with a Live Audience, Tracey talks about the importance of putting our Self Love into action; that we can't just sit around waiting for it to happen.

Friday Apr 28, 2023

In this episode, Tracey has a short chat about how understanding our own Divine Nature, our eternal nature, can assist us with understanding 'why' we want to treat ourselves with love and respect.

Episode 2: Self Love Defined

Tuesday Apr 25, 2023

Tuesday Apr 25, 2023

In this second episode, Tracey offers a discussion about what Self Love is, what it is not, and behaviours and choices we can make to demonstrate that we really do love ourselves. Tracey also dips the conversation into the importance of self awareness and personal accountability as a foundation for the Self Love process.

Episode 1: Coping With Fear

Friday Apr 14, 2023

Friday Apr 14, 2023

In this introductory podcast, Tracey introduces herself and her background and then launches right into some tools and stories about coping with fear. She covers numerous topics, including catastrophizing, using our spiritual beliefs to help us work past our fears logically, stepping through our fears, and also the importance of offering compassion to ourselves and being kind when we are in a fearful state.


Tracey Rogers - White Featherr

Tracey is the owner of White Feather Holistic Arts in Windsor, Ontario Canada. A person in long term Recovery, she offers many holistic healing options through her business to assist people with finding more peace, happiness, healing and healthy choices in their lives.

Her podcast is aimed at assisting others by offering tools to move past old programs and unhealthy coping mechanisms, unhealthy relationship patterns and move into the arena of Self Empowerment and Self Love.

These podcasts are currently being recorded from Live Stream events on her business Facebook Account - White Feather Holistic Arts.

Tracey's full story is available in the book Motorcycles, Moose & Magic: The Ride to Self Love.

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